Chester County Council
504 South Concord Road
West Chester, PA 19382

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Eagle Project Summary and Yearbook Information
Chester County Council publishes an annual yearbook of all Eagle Scouts using the information from this form. THe yearbook is Distributed at the annual recognition dinner, to which you will be invited.
*Scout's First Name
*Scout's Last Name
(Horseshoe Trail, Diamond Rock, Octoraro, Scoutreach)
*Scouting Achievements
(Leadership, OA, High Adventure, Training, Awards, etc.
*Project Summary
(What did you do, and who did you do it for?)
*Future Plans
(Educational, military, professional, personal goals)
*Actual time spent on project.
Total project hours.
Please send up to 4 photos of your completed project to They will be displayed on the Chester County Council Website on the Eagles Nest Page. Thank you!

*High School
*Year of Granduation

     Questions or concerns about your registration? Each registration contains an event specific email address. These addresses forward to the volunteer team leading the event.